Prelude Belting's experienced fitters along with the very latest in vulcanising equipment make repairs or replacements a smooth and quick process with the least amount of disruption to business or production.


All belts can be vulcanised on-site, supplied endless or with a choice of mechanical fastener.


And we only use quality materials; ultimately giving you better belt longevity.

  • Vulcanised - Hot+Cold
  • Endless + Truly endless
  • Mechanical Fastener
  • Lacing
  • Retaining Sidewalls
  • Sealed Edges
  • Flights/Cleats
  • Perforated Belts
  • Chevrons/Fingers
  • Side skirts
  • Spill edges
  • Roller Covering's
  • Tracking Guides


Preventative maintenance - Undertaking the checks and completing the repairs or remedial work necessary to prevent unnecessary breakdowns during production


Shut down work - We can service your conveyor systems when you have planned maintenance scheduled and provide you with a plan of action or our recommendations


Site surveys - Our technical engineers will complete a site survey free of charge, once again reducing down time because we can react much quicker when we have all the information at our fingertips


  • FDA Food quality to European standards
  • Low, Medium or High friction rates
  • Anti-static - Top/Bottom Cover
  • Cut Resistant

Belt properties

Prelude Belting
Most recent press technologyMechanical FastenersPrecision CuttingDouble Fingersdsgn_1195_treugolnikA.gifFlighted, side wall belt with sealed edges
  • Endless Vulcanised
  • Endless Prepared
  • Finger Splice
  • Muliple Finger Splice
  • Longitudinal Splice

Types of splicing available

Prelude Belting has many years experience in helping customers solve problems in the conveyor belting sector.